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“45-Second Checklist” for Building Your Board

< 1 Min Read

Discover how this checklist will help you Improve board member placement success by avoiding pursuits that waste time due to easily predicted deal killers or dead ends, preventing unnecessary conflicts between PE firm, portfolio company, and board candidates, and circumventing struggles over roles and decision-making authority.

Valentine’s Day Lessons for Building Your Board

2 Min Read

Could Private Equity firms looking to place Directors on the boards of their portfolio companies learn a thing or two from Valentine’s Day? Can suggestions about “The Best Things to Do on Valentine’s Day” apply to board placements?

How Private Equity Advisors Help Accelerate Decision Making

3 Min Read

Portfolio managers face mounting pressure to pulse faster, accelerate decision making and win more of the right deals. They need a competitive advantage to accelerate decision making that will position their firm as the preferred buyer in a competitive process.

Information vs. Knowledge: How to Get Answers Sooner

4 Min Read

A mid-market private equity firm will often review hundreds, if not thousands of potential deals per year. That’s not just astounding for its sheer volume, but also for the speed…

The Right Time to Hire a Human Capital Firm

3 Min Read

Time is money, or so the saying goes, and it couldn’t be more true in the world of private equity. You’re constantly faced with competing priorities, and on the hunt…

Do’s and don’ts of working with a primary research firm

4 Min Read

Partnering with a primary research firm, like Apex Leaders, to source quality advisors means you are well on your way to more thoroughly evaluating deals, sourcing new ones and solving…

Age of add-ons: 4 value-creation strategies for PE portfolio managers

4 Min Read

Many people believe that emerging from due diligence with a fresh deal is the most exciting moment in the day-to-day experience of the private equity. While new acquisitions do get…

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Adopt a sector thesis approach to thrive in technology dealmaking

When PE portfolio managers need anonymity and answers

3 Min Read

There are challenging steps and uncomfortable conversations that businesses — especially private equity portfolio managers and their executive teams — must have when making decisions to advance. Is our portfolio…

Are you leveraging industry advisors to accelerate post-transaction value?

3 Min Read

Private equity is a business of relationships. Building a network of advisors can help grow businesses while unlocking opportunities with outsized returns. Relationships are highly instrumental to a firm’s management…

Five Ways Private Equity Consulting Will Make Your Life Easier

4 Min Read

Politicians and legislators have one thing in common that we often overlook because of their broad range of political viewpoints. Nearly all of them actively seek advice to make the…