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Five Ways Private Equity Consulting Will Make Your Life Easier

4 Min Read

Politicians and legislators have one thing in common that we often overlook because of their broad range of political viewpoints. Nearly all of them actively seek advice to make the…

What Sellers Want in Private Equity Investors

3 Min Read

In today’s market, buyers outnumber sellers as the volume of private equity investors and easier access to capital continues to balloon. Company valuations keep climbing as the pool of contenders…

When Should PE Firms Outsource Research?

3 Min Read

According to a 2017 study from Preqin, the growth of alternative assets is providing capital service providers with a staggering amount of new opportunities. As new markets appear, asset classes…

Private Equity Firms Need to Consider Five Things When Choosing a Primary Research Partner

4 Min Read

Get to yes or no faster in your investment decisions Navigating a corporate purchase requires more than just charging ahead on instinct and numbers. Timing is critical. As more private…

PE Portfolio Advancement Best Practices You Can’t Afford to Miss

4 Min Read

Think about the last time you considered buying a new product featuring technology beyond your expertise — for example, the Nest smart thermostat. It promises to deliver benefits like a…

Board Placement Best Practices: How to Build a Better PE-backed Board

5 Min Read

Whether you’re hiring a permanent team member or recruiting a new board member, there’s one consistent truth — selecting the wrong person is painful and costly. According to the U.S….

Follow These Sector Thesis Best Practices to Become a Preferred Buyer

6 Min Read

The private equity market has changed, and we’re often asked if firms are evolving fast enough to keep up. The answer is different at every firm, but one universal truth…

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Everything You Need to Know about Due Diligence Best Practices – and More

4 Min Read

It’s no secret that due diligence is a complicated matter, and as competition continues to increase in the private equity (PE) space, qualified targets are becoming harder to find. To compete, investors…

Top Tips for Impactful Investor Due Diligence

4 Min Read

For Ken Sipiora, a senior advisor with 39 years’ experience, the best calls with Apex Leaders’ private equity clients have been the ones in which clients know—and can articulate—their end…

Edged out: Where’s the Opportunity for Private Equity Buyout Shops?

3 Min Read

It is no secret that competition has ramped up in private equity, as new players—corporations, more private equity firms, and non-traditional investors—have entered the market, making it harder to find…