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Unlocking key insights and identifying post-close executive

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The Project

Our client (“Client D”), was conducting pre-LOI diligence on a provider of advanced surveillance and monitoring solutions that delivers measurable outcomes for its customers’ Internet of Things (IoT), Safety & Security and Computer Vision needs.


Our process starts with a deep dive into the goals of the project. The meeting between the Apex Leaders and Client D teams uncovered the insights needed to decide to move forward or not confidently. A few of the critical areas that required understanding were:

  • Unique nuances of the security IoT marketplace and industry growth drivers.
  • Competitive dynamics and the target company’s position within the IoT ecosystem.
  • Buying patterns and purchasing criteria of end markets.

Client D was also looking for what we refer to as a “River Guide,” an advisor that goes beyond being a SME, and partners through the entirety of the investment lifecycle, including potentially serving as an executive post-close.


With the criteria in hand, our research team got to work. They worked to identify key competitors and industry leaders within the IoT space. After identification, our team custom recruited and personally vetted potential matches to ensure they had the required expertise, and presented a number of River Guides to Client D. One of the possible River Guides presented (“Executive K”) was a great fit, who formerly managed a large P&L at a global technology organization.


The Apex Leaders team facilitated the introduction between Executive K and Client D. Client D was able to successfully develop a rapport with Executive K and jointly build a thesis in IoT. Executive K’s expertise and track record of success made him an ideal River Guide.


Client D developed a rapport and investment thesis alongside Executive K, leading to confidence in the investment as well as an eventual chief executive role at the IoT platform which Client D invested in post-close.

In Client D’s investment announcement, Executive K commented, “…I am also thrilled about the partnership with Client D, who has demonstrated exceptional integrity and collaboration during the diligence process and who is a major factor in my decision to leave my current role. Client D’s continued support of the company will expand its service capabilities and accelerate its growth as an industry-leading IoT solutions provider.”