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Portfolio Advancement Search

Faster? Better? More cost-effective? Most challenges that senior management teams face flow from these primary considerations that drive organizational growth.

Apex Leaders identifies industry experts to enhance the internal decision-making processes at portfolio companies. We connect management teams with experts equipped to evaluate growth opportunities and identify pitfalls facing portfolio companies through a Portfolio Advancement Search. The precise-fit advisors we source will enable portfolio companies to make informed decisions to achieve post-close success.

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Portfolio Advancement Advisors

Our services extend to your portfolio companies as part of your partnership with us. We use the same bespoke process to match management teams with expert advisors that can provide insight on key considerations such as:

  • Expanding to new markets
  • Examining key performance drivers and roadblocks
  • Evaluating new technologies, processes, and methodologies
  • Anticipating regulatory shifts and disruption

Calls with these industry experts will fill knowledge gaps a portfolio company is up against and inform investors on value-creation opportunities over the life of the holding period.

Our Process


After submitting your project via our portal, the Apex Leaders team will meet with the management team to understand the challenges and the knowledge and insights needing to be gained for the team to develop an effective business strategy.


With the criteria in hand, our research team gets to work. They conduct custom research and map all relevant talent. Then, using your specifications, they thoroughly and personally interview before presenting them with you – ensuring only the highest caliber advisors specific to the management team’s needs.


In the portal, review the resumes and vetting call notes. Once you have decided which advisors to engage with, the Apex team facilitates the introduction. After the initial call, you own the relationship directly with the advisors, enabling the management team to build a lasting network of trusted advisors that gives them a unique edge.


Our team will follow up to ensure the management team has the knowledge and insights they need or if different expertise is now needed due to findings from advisor calls. If so, our team will iterate to connect the team with an advisor that has the industry expertise the team needs.

Impactful Use Cases

Drone flying in air

Sector Thesis Guides First-Ever Investment in the Drone Sector


Assessing Underperformance in Saw Mills Portfolio

Want to add value to your portfolio companies?

We will find the right experts that can guide your management teams to success.