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Fluid Power & Control Distribution: Dynamic industry changes powering the future

2 Min Read

Fluid power and control distribution—the intricate systems of hoses, fittings, valves, and pumps that move fluids across industrial processes—is undergoing a transformative shift. This sector, underpinning everything from oil rigs…

Pet Food, Treats, and Toys: Expanding Global Markets Provide Continuous Opportunity

2 Min Read

While the United States pet market shows signs of slowing down, the international market, specifically Asia, is seeing exponential growth. The international pet market was valued at $295 billion in…

The Dental Industry: Continued Growth Rooted in Oral Health Trends

< 1 Min Read

In 2022, the global dental industry was estimated to be valued at $35.3 billion and is growing 9.5% annually to reach $55.7 billion by 2027. Dental industry trends are driven…

Net Zero Emissions: A Global Focus on Climate Change Signals Investment Potential

2 Min Read

Currently our world is 1.1°C (33.98°F) warmer than it was in the late 1800s. This may not seem like much, but the steady growth in rising environmental temperatures is significant….

Pallet Manufacturing Industry Growth Expected Through 2032

2 Min Read

The global pallet market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.3%, putting the industry on track to hit $110 billion by 2032. A focus on…

Pet Industry Trends Signal Strong Opportunities for Private Equity Firms

4 Min Read

Today’s pet owners care deeply about the well-being of their four-legged family members. In turn, companies in the pet industry continue expanding products and services to meet increased demand.  A…

Should Your PE Firm Consider Telehealth and Telemedicine Investments?

4 Min Read

Today’s consumers are demanding digital solutions more than ever before—and the same is true for their health care experiences. Many consumers have turned to telehealth and telemedicine services to meet…

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Why More PE Firms are Investing in the Food and Beverage Industry

3 Min Read

What we eat and drink plays a major role in our day-to-day lives and overall health. The food and beverage industry consists of companies that produce, package and distribute the…

5 Attractive ​​Private Equity Investment Opportunities in Q4

3 Min Read

Maintaining a pulse on the latest ​​private equity trends is critical to identifying viable investment opportunities, driving value for existing portfolio companies and accurately timing exit strategies for profitable returns.  …

How to Speed Up Your ​​Private Equity Deals for Significant Savings

4 Min Read

Private equity firms pour substantial time, effort and money into optimizing deals. By dedicating the same energy toward optimizing the dealmaking process, firms can make the journey quicker and more…