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Q&A: How to Leverage Intelligent Automation to Drive Value for Portfolio Companies

4 Min Read

Meet Our Expert Doug Shannon is a global intelligent automation leader with over 20 years of advanced technology experience, in both IT and automation roles. He currently serves as a council member with…

4 Ways to Fast-track Private Equity Value Creation with Portfolio Companies

3 Min Read

To thrive in today’s market, private equity firms must implement successful strategies to boost portfolio company performance. This includes identifying ways to implement an effective management team, drive value during…

Q&A: Evaluating Investment Risks in Residential Solar Private Equity Deals

6 Min Read

Meet Our Expert Question #1: What is the Market Outlook for Investing Private Equity in Solar Energy? The residential solar loan industry is grappling with higher-interest loans and higher dealer…

5 Ways to Stand Out Amid Shrinking Deals in the Private Equity Market 

3 Min Read

Deals are less available, more costly and lengthier than ever in today’s economy. The private equity market’s uncertainty requires adaptable strategies and innovative thinking to make deals. Private equity firms…

How to Leverage Private Equity Operating Partners During the Investment Lifecycle

2 Min Read

Gaining a wider range of potential investments is critical to growth in today’s slowing deal landscape. To develop more targeted investment strategies, PE firms can partner with knowledgeable private equity…

Q&A: Getting to the Root of Agriculture Investments in Private Equity

4 Min Read

Meet Our Expert Peter Tasgal is a Food and Agriculture Consultant who previously served as CFO, Head of Strategy and Board member for a $100 million food company. He has…

Best 5 Networking Strategies You Need to Accelerate Your Deal Sourcing Efforts

4 Min Read

Why should I invest in network building? An increasingly competitive market and rapidly changing economy require private equity firms to be agile. When it comes to investment strategies, executives need…

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How to Form a Board of Directors that Advances Your Portfolio Company

3 Min Read

How do you recruit the right board candidates?   Finding the perfect fit for your board can be a daunting challenge. It is critical to seek candidates with relevant experience to…

Q&A: Conducting Investment Due Diligence for Home Health Care

3 Min Read

Meet Our Expert Paul Vitale serves as President & Chief Executive Officer of PDV Health Consulting. He is a former owner and CEO of a certified home health care company…

The role of expert networks amid increasing diligence complexity

3 Min Read

When evaluating an investment, private equity firms have long relied on expert networks to connect them with professionals with the deep industry knowledge and insights needed to make an informed…