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Best 5 Networking Strategies You Need to Accelerate Your Deal Sourcing Efforts

4 Min Read

Why should I invest in network building? An increasingly competitive market and rapidly changing economy require private equity firms to be agile. When it comes to investment strategies, executives need…

How to Form a Board of Directors that Advances Your Portfolio Company

3 Min Read

How do you recruit the right board candidates?   Finding the perfect fit for your board can be a daunting challenge. It is critical to seek candidates with relevant experience to…

Q&A: Conducting Investment Due Diligence for Home Health Care

3 Min Read

Meet Our Expert Paul Vitale serves as President & Chief Executive Officer of PDV Health Consulting. He is a former owner and CEO of a certified home health care company…

The role of expert networks amid increasing diligence complexity

3 Min Read

When evaluating an investment, private equity firms have long relied on expert networks to connect them with professionals with the deep industry knowledge and insights needed to make an informed…

Unlocking key insights and identifying post-close executive

2 Min Read

The Project Our client (“Client D”), was conducting pre-LOI diligence on a provider of advanced surveillance and monitoring solutions that delivers measurable outcomes for its customers’ Internet of Things (IoT),…

Industry mapping and recruiting a long-term advisor

2 Min Read

The Project Our client, CIVC Partners, has a wealth of investment experience in the IT services sector and was interested in exploring opportunities within the cybersecurity market. They were conducting…

Win the Right Deal with the Right People

2 Min Read

The impact of an unusual year is still being felt across the private equity industry. Fewer deals were closed in 2020 and total investment numbers reflect bigger deals instead of more…

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Picks and Shovels: The Golden Age for Service Providers to PE Firms is Now

6 Min Read

Clearlight Partners originally posted this article to their site, naming Apex Leaders as a premier and emerging resource to bring customized advisors and expert operators to Private Equity clients. We…

Webinar RECAP: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Board Member Searches

5 Min Read

Get the 5-minute recap of our 35-minute webinar “7 Habits of Highly Effective Board MemberSearches.” This fast-paced, 5-minute read covers the 7 “true north” principles that result in bettercandidates, stronger relationships and, ultimately, better performance.

Bad Board Member Searches and How to Avoid Them

2 Min Read

Competition among PE firms for great board members continues to increase. That’s why it’s important not to commit these common mistakes in your search. Read this concise blog post to discover 5 common mistakes to avoid. You’ll also find useful tips and techniques to improve results, plus links to helpful resources like a white paper and checklist for improving board member searches.