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Apex Leaders connects experienced advisors to private equity investors

When private equity firms are faced with complex investment decisions, they turn to Apex Leaders to identify former executives and industry leaders with specific experience who can help them make informed investment decisions.

Our advisors help clients decide whether to invest or walk.

Engagements range from brief phone calls designed to shine light on investors’ blind spots to long-term partnerships where advisors help investors navigate the nuances of deal. Advisors also help clients post-transaction by serving on Boards or advising their portfolio companies.

I have performed advisory work for a few firms, but I find your process very user-friendly compared to others. I look forward to helping where I can add value.

David Brown

Former CEO and Principal Energy Consultant, OpEx Integrated Management

When it comes to sector thesis work, there’s no substitute for experience, especially when the company has never been in that space. Apex Leaders knows how to connect the right parties and arm companies with the knowledge they need to move forward.

Jay Oyakawa

Chief Growth Officer, DermPro

I really appreciated the high-level of professionalism experienced throughout this process. Both Apex Leaders and Trinity Hunt Partners were great to work with and fully knowledgeable.

Ron Holt

President and CEO, EFI Global

Apex Leaders identified a very applicable conversation relevant to my experience, better than other agencies perform.

Gerry Hepburn

Former Chief Operating Officer, Catalent Pharma Solutions

Apex Leaders’ team should be commended for their level of professionalism and abilities to deliver for M&A firms. It is refreshing to work with individuals who perform at such a high level in the private equity space.

Justin Caswell

CEO, RevoKind

Apex Leaders has created a very positive experience for advisors. I appreciate the efficiency of everything and it was a pleasure working with their team.

Carin Zinter

Owner, C & C Orchards and Honey Bee Sanctuary

I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the interaction – both with you as well as with your client. I liked how engaging, open, well-structured and friendly everything was. Certainly an enjoyable experience.

Ursula Boehm

President/CEO/Owner, Liinc, Ltd.

I appreciate that your process is so much simpler than GLG, and easier than Coleman Research

Michael Cummings

VP Operations, Cambrian Innovation

Apex Leaders is not an expert network

We don’t keep advisors on a roster and lend them out to clients. We listen to our clients’ needs on each engagement, then identify the advisors who have the skills and knowledge to meet those needs. Once we make the connection, we step away — the relationship is yours to build and grow.

Why become an advisor?

Leverage your extensive experience
hands holding money
Get compensated for your expertise
Expand your network
Grow your influence
Apex Insights

Fluid Power & Control Distribution: Dynamic industry changes powering the future

Why advisors love working with Apex Leaders

clipboard analysis

Flexible Approach

While many consultations are just one hour long, Apex Leaders supports opportunities for longer-term consulting.


Recurring Work

When a consultation goes well, we take note. We may contact you in the future for another engagement related to your experience.

Respect for Time

We know you’re busy — that’s why we don’t waste your time on mismatched engagements.

How it Works

10 minutes

Initial Phone Call

When your experience aligns with a relevant engagement, we’ll contact you to describe the project and ensure it’s a good fit.

5 minutes

One-Click Registration

We’ll send you a NDA registration link. Then, upload your resume and we’ll present you to the client for consideration.

1 hour

Client Consultation

Finally, we’ll arrange your phone consultation with the client and provide any support you might need.

Did Apex Leaders contact you?

If we reached out to you, learn more and take the next step.

Want to introduce yourself?

Tell us a little about your experience to be considered for future engagements.