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Out-Performance Through Relationships

Apex Leaders believes thoughtful human relationships are a prerequisite for out-performance and seek to partner with firms who share this belief. We have built a culture based on the dual premise of always putting clients first and taking good care of employees.

Dave Myers Founder
Patrick West President
Natasha Bunten Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Justin Fishburn Vice President, Operations
Shawna Potter Vice President, Talent
Brett Styles Vice President, Technology
Cydney Boel Senior Director, Customer Success
Emily Stech Senior Director, Research
Sara Traverso Senior Director, Client Services
Brendan Ward Senior Director, Business Development
Mackenzie Amen Director, Client Services
Curtis Wise Director, Business Development
Kaitlyn Flachbart Director, Customer Success
Summer Hagens Director, Marketing
Nikki Hanson Director, Client Services
Jenn McCoy Director, Business Development
Elizabeth Nixon Director, Customer Success
Johann Simpson Director, Finance
Jackie Phillips Research Manager
Matt Van Wagenen Research Manager
Robin Evans Senior Associate
Kelsey Hampton Senior Associate
Tim McKinley Senior Associate
Yila Ataman Account Associate
Drea Burton Account Associate
Madison Gregory Account Associate
Sam Grossklaus Account Associate
Jackie Krenning Account Associate
Corey Majors Account Associate
Marisa Mejía Account Associate
Grant Morford Finance Associate
Melissa Oswald Talent Associate
Stephanie Pyles Account Associate
Michael Wanta Account Associate
Tennyson Young Account Associate
Ryan Callaham Senior Research Associate
Jenny Dillman Senior Research Associate
Andrea Hanks Senior Research Associate
Zane Hinely Senior Research Associate
Lissa Nickell Senior Research Associate
Owen Prout Senior Research Associate, Industrial Classifications
Danial Amjad Research Associate
David Armstrong Research Associate
Alondra Crane Research Associate
Nathan Frazier Research Associate
Landen German Research Associate
Luke Gustafson Research Associate
Josh Rundle Research Associate