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Sector Thesis Search

Narrow your focus and challenge your assumptions.

The PE market is quickly evolving, and firms can no longer afford just to be financial partners. To stand out, investors need to demonstrate that they have a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape and industry nuances and clearly articulate a vision for management and growth.

Specializing in a specific sector and aligning yourself with the right industry executives and operators can give your firm a competitive edge and position you as the preferred buyer.

By partnering with Apex Leaders on sector thesis projects, we guide you through the process and deliver the industry luminaries you need to intertwine yourself with to develop an advantage on deal price, position, and exclusivity.

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Here’s how it works:


After submitting a summary of your thesis via our client portal, your dedicated Apex team will meet with you to do a deep dive into your investment thesis. Our team takes a consultative partner approach and will ask the right questions to bring to light the knowledge and insights that need to be gained for you confidently advance your thesis or pursue other ideas.


With the knowledge needs in hand, our research team gets to work. They will run a fresh cut of research, custom recruit, and interview to ensure the advisor can provide unique insights into the industry, trends, and key players.


In the portal, review the resumes and vetting call notes. Once you have decided which advisors to engage with, the Apex team facilitates the introduction. After the introduction, we provide ungated access to advisors, enabling you to grow the relationship. By partnering with the expert advisors, we sourced, you can expand your connections through their network.


Engagement from your dedicated Apex Leaders team doesn’t end after advisor introduction. We follow up to ensure you have gained the insights needed to quash or further your thesis confidently, or if based on the insights gained, the direction has shifted. If there is a pivot and new expertise is required, our team will iterate to provide the exact-match advisors to navigate the new direction.

Impactful Use Cases

Drone flying in air

Sector Thesis Guides First-Ever Investment in the Drone Sector

Dermatology Face Testing

Testing an Investment Hypothesis in Dermatology

Want to become a preferred buyer?

We will find the perfect-fit industry expert to make it happen.

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