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Are You the Next Apex Leaders Advisor?

We reached out because you’re an industry leader with insights and experience that our private equity clients would find valuable. This is an opportunity to share your experience with investors who need it (and to get compensated for your time).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apex Leaders?

Apex Leaders is a human capital firm that connects private equity investors with advisors who can help them understand companies and industries and make better investment decisions.

Why are you reaching out to me?

Our clients evaluate a wide variety of investment opportunities throughout the year. Speaking with industry leaders like you with specific experience helps them make smarter decisions. We reached out to better understand your background, share details of a specific opportunity, and determine if your experience would be a good fit.

How did you find me?

Apex Leaders identifies potential advisors through a variety of primary research channels, including referrals, articles, and industry associations.

Who are our clients?

We work with middle market private equity investors across a range of industries and with investment interests around the globe.

How long will I work with a client?

Most relationships begin with a one-hour phone call with a partner from the private equity firm. Depending on the needs of the engagement, the relationship may take the form of an extended consulting arrangement, an ongoing board of directorship role, or even a leadership position at a portfolio company.

What's the difference between Apex Leaders and expert networks?

The goal of Apex Leaders is to grow our clients’ networks, not our own. After initiating the relationship between an advisor and a private equity firm, we step away, allowing advisors to cultivate working relationships with clients without gated interactions. Advisors do not pay to be affiliated with Apex Leaders.

I have a non-disclosure agreement. Will clients be seeking proprietary information?

No, there shouldn’t be any conflict with your NDA. On all of our engagements, our clients are only looking for high-level market information, and will not ask our advisors to divulge any sensitive details. In addition, Apex Leaders will inform the client of the NDA prior to the call, so the client can prepare appropriate questions.

How do we begin?

Apex Leaders vets each advisor based on the client’s specific needs. Therefore, we typically start with a brief conversation by phone to ensure a prospective advisor’s experience aligns with the needs of the project. This process helps advisors feel confident that the engagement will be a productive use of their time. If the call goes well, we send advisors a registration form which includes terms and conditions for the upcoming call.

How do I receive compensation?

Apex Leaders compensates advisors for the first call with a client based on an hourly rate. Subsequent calls are negotiated between the advisor and the private equity firm. After the initial call, Apex Leaders sends every advisor an invoice form and payment is processed within 3 weeks. We also provide the opportunity for advisors to rate their experience working with Apex Leaders. We use this feedback to improve the quality of our interactions with advisors in the future.

Is this an exclusive relationship?

Unless specifically requested otherwise, our advisor relationships are not exclusive. Advisors can feel free to work on other consulting engagements, and may even be able to provide advice to more than one Apex Leaders client.

I'm not looking for a full-time role, how is this different?

Apex Leaders engagements are not job offers, they are short consultations/informational interviews with Apex Leaders’ clients. We only ask that you participate in a 1-hour phone call with our client. In some instances, our clients may have you review some materials before or after the call. Work arrangements beyond this phone consultation can be structured between you and the client at your discretion.

Who is contacting me, and who am I going to speak to on the phone?

The individual who contacted you was likely a Research Analyst, Senior Associate, Director, or Vice President from Apex Leaders acting on behalf of the client.

Interested in becoming an Apex Leaders advisor?