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Due Diligence Search

Get to “yes” or “no” more quickly.

Pursuing a deal you are not positioned to win is a losing strategy. It’s critical for investors to quickly stop pursuing a wrong deal, and differentiate your firm as a preferred buyer early in, for the right deal. Apex Leaders helps accelerate your decision to invest or walk. Through the Due Diligence Search process, we connect investors with fully-vetted experts who help evaluate an acquisition target at any stage, whether it be pre-IOI, pre-LOI, or post LOI. Investors can leverage our process in a way that fits their firm’s unique needs, starting with a comprehensive intake and CIM review. From there, we custom recruit experts according to your precise diligence angles and strategic objectives. In every instance we provide investors with ungated access to the best minds within the seller’s industry who will help you develop proprietary angles and gain an edge not available to other buyers. As your angles evolve, we pivot with you, delivering advisors from two distinct categories.

We deliver

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River Guides

We initiate partnerships with active and informed former industry operators who will give you conviction on your investments. They help you evaluate an acquisition target, navigate the deal process, and distinguish your firm with the seller.
  • Review CIMs/sales materials
  • Check data, business model, underlying assumptions
  • Brainstorm value creation strategy
  • Attend management meetings, building credibility and rapport
  • Fill an executive of Board of Director position post close
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Due Diligence Experts

Apex Leaders will quickly introduce investors to deal sourcing brokers and industry-connected executives who are experts in your targeted industries. We will also identify owners open to selling their business. Leverage these individuals to:
  • Industry trends and operating challenges
  • Competitive landscape
  • Distribution models
  • Regulatory issues
  • Legislative impact

I really appreciated the high level of professionalism experienced throughout this process. Both Apex Leaders and their client were great to work with and fully knowledgeable.

Ron Holt

President and CEO, EFI Global

Apex Leaders is excellent across the board. They’ve found us great advisors in a timely manner, and have kept working through issues once we found a primary operator. We always appreciate the team’s thoroughness and persistence on our behalf.

Sam G. Astor

Partner,Atlas Holdings

Apex Leaders provides us advisors quickly while holding quality to the highest standard, giving us the best opportunity to go after the right deals.

Thomas Shi

Vice President,Flexpoint Ford

Working with Apex Leaders has fundamentally changed how we operate. The people they have working with us are top notch, really outstanding.

Luke Plumpton

Partner,O2 Investments

Today’s market is so competitive, you’ve got to be more than just smart to win. Working with Apex Leaders on a retainer basis gives us the edge on every deal we’re serious about.

Stephen King

Founding Partner,Prairie Capital

One of our firm-wide mantras is that ‘victory belongs to the perseverant’ and the Apex Leaders team has demonstrated that with aplomb! Thanks so much again.

Jason Perri

Partner,American Industrial Partners

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