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Get to “yes” or “no” more quickly.

Today’s investing environment is intense. There is immense pressure to differentiate your firm as a preferred buyer early in and swiftly and wisely deploy capital. To do so, you need to have the right conversation with the right person at the right time – whether that be a c-suite executive that has “been there, done that,” an end-user, or any level in between. This is where the Apex Leaders approach gives you that edge.

Colleagues standing in a small group discussing something. One of the women is holding documents and gesturing with her hands as the others watch and listen.

Unlike a traditional expert network, we conduct deal-specific research and interviews to qualify each advisor – resulting in experts you can trust to have the insights needed for you to make investment decisions quickly and confidently at any stage, whether it be pre-IOI, pre-LOI, or post LOI.

And because we run a fresh cut of research and custom recruit on every project, the executives and operating partners we present to you are rarely members of a traditional expert network. That means you are talking to executives your competitors aren’t – giving you the ability to develop proprietary angles and gain an edge not available to other buyers.

If you are looking for a long-term advisor, no problem. We can find you what we call a “River Guide.” These seasoned industry operators can help you evaluate an acquisition target, navigate the deal process, and distinguish your firm with the seller. River Guides can:

  • Review CIMs/sales materials
  • Check data, business model, underlying assumptions
  • Brainstorm value creation strategy
  • Attend management meetings, building credibility and rapport
  • Fill an executive of Board of Director position post close

Our custom, consultative approach is how we deliver precise-fit partnerships. Here’s how we do it.


After submitting your project via our industry-leading platform, your dedicated Apex Leaders team will meet with you to review the CIM and do a deep dive into the insights you need to gain, investment angles, and length of advisor engagement.


Using your diligence angles and strategic objectives as the guide, our research team conducts project-specific research and custom recruit executives. Then they thoroughly vet them via a phone call before connecting them with you – ensuring you have the industry expert that meets your exact needs.


In the portal, review the resumes and vetting call notes. Once you have decided which advisors to engage with, the Apex team facilitates the introduction. After the initial call, we provide ungated access to advisors, so the relationship is yours to nurture and grow, should you choose to, either now or in the future. We work to expand your network, not ours.


Engagement from your dedicated Apex Leaders team doesn’t end after advisor introduction. Our team will follow up to ensure you have gained the insights needed or if a pivot needs to be made based on findings from advisor engagements. If different expertise is now required, our team will iterate to provide the exact-match advisors to navigate the new angle.

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Ready to talk to advisors that are rarely found in an expert network?

We custom-recruit industry operators and executives you need on your side of the deal table.