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When Is a Board Member Search NOT a Board Member Search?

  • Recording-breaking private capital activity by more than 1,000 firms is increasing competition for board member candidates
  • Win by being prepared: establish qualifications, define compensation, align expectations, nail down logistics, etc.: white paper: “A Practical Guide to Board Member Searches”
  • Start early with bespoke advisors who can provide guidance on potential deals and become board candidates

According to Pitchbook, 1,064 funds raised a record $888 billion last year. As a result, competition for board members is increasing. That means private equity (PE) firms must step up their game if they want to land great candidates in the crowded field of board member searches.

Here’s an interesting thought: why not start your board candidate search WHILE you negotiate a deal, acquire company, or pursue a merger?

Yes, Apex Leaders offers services and resources to make board member searches more successful, like our white paper: “A Practical Guide to Board Member Searches”.

But why not start identifying potential board members even earlier in the process?  We’re experts at finding PE firms the high-profile advisors they need to get unique insights about specific upcoming opportunities.

That’s because Apex Leaders custom recruits expert guides specific to your deal or sector thesis. These advisors become part of your personal network to consult with again and again. And they can easily transition to become board members that accelerate growth at a portfolio company.  In other words, engage with Apex Leaders early to kill two birds with one stone and have your cake and eat it, too:

  • Build your network, not ours
  • Expand your vision to achieve strategic objectives
  • Acquire strong operational expertise
  • Accelerate value creation

Ensure success.

Be proactive and download our white paper: “A Practical Guide to Board Member Searches” to increase candidate quality and enhance deal outcomes.

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