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About Apex Leaders

Custom Recruiting & Vetting

As a knowledge-providing firm, Apex Leaders specializes in connecting private equity firms with the highest-quality advisors. We’ve built on-demand advisory teams since 2009 that help clients make smart business decisions with confidence.

The experts at Apex Leaders provide an array of services to meet clients’ unique needs. Whether evaluating a possible deal, exploring a new sector’s viability, advancing a portfolio company or seeking a perfect-fit board placement, our team stands ready to provide critical insight to help your firm make the right moves.

Beyond An Expert Network

Apex Leaders goes beyond traditional expert networks. Rather than relying on public databases for advisors, many firms turn to our team for hand-picked current and former executives to provide exclusive advice. Our customized process provides clients with tailored results that empower them to gain the edge in today’s competitive landscape.


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Our Process

Apex process


We meet with you to listen to your needs, whether you’re looking for a one-hour call or long-term partnership.


We thoroughly research and interview advisors or board candidates to provide you with customized options.


We facilitate introductions with advisors or candidates that suit your requirements, and then we give you ungated access to those connections.


We make sure you succeed. If you need us to keep researching or explore a new angle, we’re ready to continue our efforts.

Private Equity Consulting Services

Our philosophy is unique. We strive to be long-term partners with our clients to ensure their continued success. Through active listening and open communication, we work with our clients to fully understand their needs and deliver the best advisors to help.

Many of our clients work with us deal after deal. They trust our experience in wide-ranging sectors and willingness to go all in for their needs, no matter the market. We take pride in offering wide-ranging private equity consulting services customized for our clients.

Find Precise-Fit Partners from Apex Leaders

Start saving time and resources with hand-picked help from the seasoned experts at Apex Leaders. Make your next deal with the assurance of our private equity consulting services.