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Board of Directorship Placement

Transformational direction for PE-backed companies

Recruiting the right person for a role takes on fundamental importance when that individual will be responsible for leading and executing the value creation strategy for your portfolio company.

At Apex Leaders, we leverage over a decade of experience servicing private equity investors to source the most relevant and experienced executives to serve on the portfolio company Board of Directors. Our specialized research process and nuanced understanding of investors’ needs have successfully driven director recruitment and placement for PE-backed companies across all major sectors, including many niche industries.

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Perfect-fit Board Members

Whether you’re looking for a Board Member with proven skills in a particular sub-sector or architecting an entire Board comprised of diverse backgrounds and expertise – our experience and client focus will deliver the right talent to augment your management team’s collective experience.

We introduce investors and their management teams to experienced operators and respected former executives who spent their careers developing expertise in your industry. These leaders help:

  • Drive value creation
  • Facilitate growth into adjacent industry segments or new geographic regions
  • Improve infrastructure capabilities
  • Lend a diverse perspective
  • Navigate regulatory environments and approval processes
  • Position the company for sale to a strategic buyer

Our process is how we deliver exceptional board candidates.

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Our Process


Our team meets with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs and evaluation criteria.


Apex Leaders custom recruits and conducts a rigorous vetting process which not only highlights a board candidate’s accomplishments but digs into:

  • Challenges they’ve faced and how they handled adversity
  • Ability to influence others
  • Required leadership and collaborative skill sets


Once we have identified qualified candidates, we will provide resumes and vetting call notes for you to review. If you decide to engage with one of the candidates, the Apex team facilitates the introduction.


Apex Leaders is committed to your success. Our team will continue vetting and presenting executives until you select the best fit.

Impactful Use Cases

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Searching for board members to guide strategic direction?

Let our team source the most experienced and relevant executives to serve on your board of directors.


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Due Diligence


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