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For Private Equity

Whether you need a seasoned executive, a range of conversations with subject matter experts, or transformational board members, our bespoke research process and ungated access to advisors ensures that you can Invest With Conviction.

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How can Apex Leaders give you a leg up?

Sector Thesis Search

Narrow your focus and accelerate your efforts.

In today’s investing environment, sellers expect you to understand the nuances of their industry, have a long-term sector strategy, and a strong vision for company growth. So building proactive relationships in target sectors is crucial to becoming a preferred buyer. We connect you with seasoned executives and operators that you can partner with to build trust and rapport with sellers, gain a competitive advantage, and position you to discover proprietary investment opportunities.

Due Diligence

Get to “yes” or “no” more quickly.

No matter if your deal is at an early stage or under LOI, we connect you with the precise-fit advisors, whether that be a c-suite executive that has “been there, done that,” an end-user, or any level in between. Our process ensures you are connected to the right industry expert who can provide the insights needed to accelerate the learning curve. So you know when to keep pushing on a deal and when to redirect resources to the next opportunity.

Board of Directorship Placement

Transformational leadership for PE-backed companies

Successful corporations demand a well-rounded Board of Directors with the diversity and experience to guide future organizational goals. Having a trusted partner in recruiting executives that possess the ideal blend of skill, talent, and experience enables you to augment the collective expertise of the management team and accelerate value creation throughout the holding period.

Portfolio Advancement

Timely decisions for faster growth.

Growth strategies for your portfolio companies are essential to value creation. Our services extend to your portfolio companies as part of your partnership with us. We use the same bespoke process to match management teams with expert advisors that can provide insight on key considerations to make faster, better, and cost-effective decisions–from exploring new end markets, getting ahead of an industry disruptor or preparing for a successful exit.

Impactful Use Cases

Sector Thesis Guides First-Ever Investment in the Drone Sector

Unlocking Key Insights and Identifying Post-close Executive

What problems are you looking to solve?

Connect with us to discover how we can help your private equity firm.

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