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Is a Waste Management Deal Worth It?

The Challenge

San Francisco-based Gryphon Investors came to Apex Leaders last year with a quandary. They had to decide whether a deal in the waste management space was worth going after, but they had very little to go on. They knew an asset was coming, but didn’t have a CIM. They also wanted to secure an operating partner before they’d pursue any deal. They needed expert insight to guide them very early on in the process.

Key Concerns

Gryphon was impressed with Wind River Environmental’s track record of solid growth and its 60 past acquisitions, but the firm needed an operating partner in place before committing to acquire the Massachusetts-based company that inspects, services and installs liquid waste systems including septic tanks and grease traps.

The Search

Gryphon provided Apex with a “wish list” of competitor companies and asked us to find them former C-level executives who could give them a better understanding of Wind River and the industry. We ultimately tracked down and reached out to 25 former executives from competitor companies, including former CEOs, SVPs and EVPs.

“We are excited to partner with Gryphon…We believe that Gryphon brings significant resources and expertise to support these efforts,”

John O’Connell,
Wind River CEO

The Results

Apex Leaders linked Gryphon Investors up with four former C-level executives from competitor companies that solidified their decision to go after the deal. The client gave one advisor a 10, the highest possible ranking, noting “great find!” and said they would likely want to work with another advisor on future projects. Executives initially engaged included:

  • SVP of Human Resources, American Water (formerly)
  • EVP of Sales & Marketing, Republic Services (formerly)
  • EVP Sales & Customer Experience, Republic Services (formerly)
  • CFO, Republic Services (formerly)

When Gryphon pivoted a few months later, presenting Apex Leaders with a new list of competitors it needed insight from to help them drive home the deal, we were able to respond quickly, connecting them with the former President/CEO and VP of Operations from two competitors on their new list.

Last Word

Gryphon ended up acquiring Wind River Environmental after connecting with and gleaning insights from seasoned industry executives via Apex Leaders.

“I have continued to be very impressed with Apex Leaders’ ability to find experts that directly address our key diligence items.”