invest with conviction

We engineer access to experience, insights, and relationships that go far beyond a single firm’s network.

We work with private equity investors to improve the internal rate of returns of their investments. We provide access to the exact right industry giants at pivotal junctures in the acquisition and ongoing management of their portfolio companies.

While investors can learn from their mistakes, miscalculations often prove expensive, stressful, and inefficient. They also often require significant allocation of time and resources.

We believe in learning from the experiences of proven leaders who have spent their entire careers honing their expertise. 

Our services include:

case studies:

  • Brand Marketing Workflow Software

    Our private equity client was in the IOI phase of an investment in a rapidly growing software company providing marketing workflow collaboration to high-end brands. The software allows multiple stakeholders in the advertising creation process (models/celebrity spokespeople, the advertiser, photographers/directors and ad-agency representatives) to provide real-time feedback on various artistic considerations. Key concerns for our client centered on understanding:

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  • Drilling Deep to Find the Right Expertise

    A private equity group was evaluating the purchase of an industrial-cleaning company with Fortune 100 customers in the oil, paper, utility, and steel industries. To get comfortable with their investment, our client needed to connect with people who understood:

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  • Understanding a Changing Regulatory Landscape

    Our client was interested in pursuing an investment in the lender placed insurance market. Recent regulations had been established, but many industry experts believed that they had not gone far enough. In order to move forward with the transaction, our client needed to understand the regulatory environment (current and future) in addition to the competitive landscape.

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