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Validating the Efficacy of Nutritional Supplements

Apex Leaders bridged the gap between business acumen and scientific research, providing our client the conviction to invest in the nutritional supplement space.

The Challenge

Apex Leaders’ client was interested in evaluating a nutritional supplements company that produces supplements and powders derived from whole fruits and vegetables. The investment was enticing as consumers are increasingly health-conscious, but before investing, the client wanted to evaluate the purported health benefits of the company’s product offerings.

During due diligence, the client requested to speak to practicing physicians with experience evaluating nutritional supplements research.

The Search

The client provided Apex Leaders with a narrow list of criteria to profile the kinds of clinical experience necessary to provide an expert evaluation of the company’s products.

The Results

Apex Leaders delivered practicing physicians who were willing to spend several hours assessing the supplements and reputability of scientific studies associated with the target company’s products, after which they presented their findings to the client via teleconference.

Physicians included:

  • Food and Scientific Advisory Board Member at TerraVia Holdings, Inc.
  • Founder of Chef Clinic and Board Member of True Health Initiative and Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine
  • Director of Education and Spokesperson at Life Extension

The Last Word

The expertise offered by these physicians corroborated the scientific benefits associated with the target company, providing the kinds of validation the client was looking for to move forward with the investment. The investment was one of the largest healthcare deals in 2018, according to data from Pitchbook.