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Pet Food, Treats, and Toys: Expanding Global Markets Provide Continuous Opportunity

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While the United States pet market shows signs of slowing down, the international market, specifically Asia, is seeing exponential growth. The international pet market was valued at $295 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $400 billion by 2028 at a compounded annual growth rate of 5.22%.1

Specifically, the global pet food market is expected to reach $149.9 billion in 2024 and to compound 5.56% annually between 2024 and 2028.2 The pet toys market is expected to reach $15 billion by 2032, growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 6.7%.3 The snacks and treats market was estimated at $36 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 11.8% to 2030.4

Pet Industry Growth Trends

Pet Food MarketPet Treats MarketPet Toy Market
5.56% Projected Growth11.8% Projected Growth6.7% Projected Growth
$149.9 Billion by 2024$36 Billion by 2030$15 Billion by 2032

Pet Industry Trends

Pet industry trends are driven by multiple factors, including:

  • Strong pet ownership and adoption rates
  • New consumer demand for healthier pet food options
  • Increasing lifespan of pets
  • Consumer preference for purchasing online vs. visiting brick-and-mortar stores
  • More FDA involvement in pet food and treat trials

Private equity interest in the pet industry market is prevalent. With ongoing growth and expanding products and services in the pet food, treats, and toys markets, profitable opportunities for private equity firms continue to emerge.

Investor Insights

Investment opportunities for PE firms include:

  • Private labels challenging branded products
  • Grain-inclusive and limited-ingredient foods and treats
  • Alternative food ingredients, including insect-based and synthetic proteins
  • Socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible pet products
  • Online-based retailers vs. brick-and-mortar stores

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