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How to Leverage Private Equity Operating Partners During the Investment Lifecycle

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Gaining a wider range of potential investments is critical to growth in today’s slowing deal landscape. To develop more targeted investment strategies, PE firms can partner with knowledgeable private equity operating partners. These seasoned experts provide in-depth information across industries, including niche or new markets. Whether developing a thesis, conducting due diligence or driving value for portfolio companies, connecting with PE operating partners throughout the investment lifecycle is an effective way to identify and land deals.

Investment Lifecycle process is thesis, due diligence, value creation

Test Your Theory with Trustworthy PE Operating Partners

Evaluating a new deal or sector requires forethought. Oftentimes, the first step for PE firms is crafting an investment thesis. This theory provides a foundation for further research, ideally leading the firm to a well-informed investment decision.

Testing your thesis requires the right resources. Drawing on the expertise of PE operating partners can help you confidently develop and vet your thesis. Firsthand insight can unveil possible pitfalls, challenges, opportunities and trends that could prove essential to your firm’s investment success. This knowledge is especially valuable when you’re entering an unfamiliar market that requires additional education. Over time, long-lasting connections with private equity operating partners can help your firm access even more deals across sectors.

Utilize Operators as Due Diligence Advisors for Better Deals

After evaluating an investment thesis, the next integral step is conducting adequate due diligence. This requires vigorous research, vetting, interviews and additional steps to discern a deal’s potential worth and risks.

PE operating partners often serve as due diligence advisors during this part of the investment lifecycle, helping PE firms reach “yes” or “no” quicker. This saves significant time and money before and after an investment decision.

Operators can provide the following insights:

  • Analysis of business operations
  • Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommendations for improvement areas
  • Ideas for growth opportunities
  • Assistance with new markets or transitions

Even after an initial deal is made, relationships formed with management teams will continue to grow post-investment. These connections are often formed and nurtured with help from PE operating partners who offer their network to clients.

Drive Value Creation for Portfolio Companies with Operator Expertise

Making portfolio companies more efficient and profitable is a top priority for firms, especially during times of economic downturn. Curating effective value creation strategies requires industry expertise offered by experienced PE operating partners.

When seeking portfolio advisors, private equity firms should consider unique insights from operators that can bolster revenue. Operators can advise firms how to reduce costs, increase productivity and streamline operations for greater efficiency. With operators by their side, firms can quickly understand market trends, customer demands and competitive landscapes.

This knowledge helps PE firms move quickly and confidently on portfolio strategies. Many times, PE firms benefit from additional add-on acquisitions due to existing operator relationships. These deals instantly add value without requiring substantial time or resources. Meanwhile, management teams and enhance their skills and capabilities to strengthen operations.

Find Perfect-fit Private Equity Operating Partners for Long-term Success

Confidently navigate the investment lifecycle with custom private equity operating partners for your firm. Connect with the Apex Leaders experts today.