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10 Things to Start, Stop and Keep Doing With Your Advisor Calls

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How do you replicate the results of an insightful advisor consultation?

Your first conversation with a potential advisor lays the groundwork for what we hope will be a fruitful one-hour engagement, and possible long-term relationship. Apex Leaders’ has facilitated hundreds of calls between private equity investors and industry experts, and have observed a pattern of behaviors that help investors achieve an insightful and smooth conversation. Setting a positive tone, providing a comprehensive introduction of yourself, your firm and your needs, and asking questions will help ensure you have a successful discussion. Incorporate the following tips into your advisor calls to ensure the highest degree of relevance and quality of information.


Working just a few of the above tips into your advisor calls will help ensure you have productive calls that ultimately lead to a stronger network of trusted advisors for your firm.

At Apex, we work to improve the internal rate of returns of your investments by connecting you with seasoned industry experts. Learn more about how Apex works with advisors.