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Making Impactful Connections

Apex Leaders is a human capital firm focused on building on-demand advisory teams for our clients. We’ve been connecting private equity firms to the highest-quality advisors since 2009.

Apex Leaders custom recruits and vets the best executives and industry leaders to help guide your big investment decisions. Unlike traditional expert networks, we hand-pick individuals that align with your specific criteria so you can be confident your advisors are always the most relevant to the job.

Through every engagement, Apex Leaders strives to enhance the investment returns of our clients, eliminate waste from private equity processes, and deliver premium service experiences.

Company Highlights


Dave Founded Apex Leaders in San Francisco, CA

Committing to the big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) of becoming the most influential human capital provider to M&A


Saved Our First Client From a Poor Investment

Delivering industry-leading advisors helped our client quash a deal under Letter of Intent (LOI), saving the day and setting the tone for partnership above all else


Placed Critical Board Members for a Client’s Portfolio Company

Successfully executed a difficult search with very narrow criteria, and subsequently formalized a new service offering in response to Private Equity’s needs


 Moved Headquarters to Boise, ID

Relocating to one of the top places to live in the US for quality of life defined a new chapter for the company centered around employee care and efficient service delivery


Apex Leaders Gets Directly Involved with Client Portfolio Processes

Presenting to portfolio management teams at our clients’ annual LP meetings marks a deliberate step to help them accelerate growth and improve investment returns


Institutionalized Long-term Advisors to Drive Our Business Forward

Practicing what we preach, our leadership team now engages seasoned experts regularly for the benefit of defining winning strategies, goals and execution approaches


Invested in Our Team Health and Dynamics

Utilizing internationally-recognized organizational health coach, to ensure our strong people-focused culture scales with the growth of the team


Client Satisfaction Ratings Hit an All-Time High

Demonstrating that our process and exacting standards yield the highest quality end-to-end experience for our private equity clients and their management teams


Expanded East Coast Presence in New York

Extending the team’s ability to reach more private equity investors and help them make confident investment decisions


Winner: Best Next Generation Workplace

This award is presented to an Idaho business or organization that demonstrates a commitment to attracting, retaining and developing the young, professional workforce.

Partnership Philosophy

Apex Leaders is more than a service provider. We’re long-term partners for success.

Our partnerships are characterized by active listening and open communication. Our job is to help you find the truth — not to tell you what you want to hear.

We aim to always be trustworthy, accountable, and reliable. That’s why we promote transparency, honor our commitments, and seek out opportunities to go above and beyond for our clients.

Apex Leaders provided phenomenal service that far exceeded our expectations. Before working with them, we’d never been able to ask on-the-fly questions, which proved invaluable in deciding whether or not to invest.

Ryan Mandl

Five Elms

I really enjoy working with Apex Leaders. They are very quick to line up any interviews and have presented us with many advisors with the right backgrounds and experience so that we are able to understand differing perspectives around an industry or sector. All my interactions with the staff have been excellent as well.

Mike Forsyth

Associate, Excellere Capital Partners

Apex Leaders has proven an invaluable resource for us in our thematic investing efforts. They are a key component of our investing process and help us acquire expertise in a field before investing.

Blake Apel

Vice President, Trinity Hunt Partners

Operator Led Consulting makes a lot of sense – in our case, the team Apex Leaders brought together unveiled a meaningful consideration to our effort that was not readily apparent on the surface, but material to our investment. Both our portfolio company, and our team here at Milestone, were impressed by Apex Leaders’ quantitative approach and the practicality of their recommendations.

Peter Elkes

Vice President, Milestone Partners

We’ve used Apex Leaders to place two outside directors on the board of a public pharmaceutical company and one director on a medical device company and there will be more in the future! They are a pleasure to work with and have delivered the goods. I heartily recommend them!

Mike Taglich

Co-founder, Taglich Brothers

That one conversation with an Apex’s advisor was outstanding! It fundamentally changed how we were considering approaching the market and really, it saved at least 6 months of my time, because that’s how long it would have taken me to arrive at the same point.

V.P. of Business Development

PE Portfolio Company providing online language learning tools

In an increasingly competitive market, we endeavor to identify and leverage value-add due diligence and board-level resources both pre and post-closing. Without a doubt, we found benefit in the concurrent use of Apex Leaders’ Due Diligence and Board Search services for the Swiss-American transaction. Running the two processes in parallel saved time and enhanced productivity, as many of the board-related conversations were additive to our market and customer due diligence.

Nate Good

Managing Director, Prairie Capital

Apex Leaders

It takes the best people to find the best people. We take care of them.
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Dave Myers Founder
Patrick West President
Natasha Bunten Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Justin Fishburn Vice President, Operations
Shawna Potter Vice President, Talent
Brett Styles Vice President, Technology
Johann Simpson Senior Director, Finance

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