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We enhance the investment returns of our private equity clients through partnerships that build their executive networks. Our comprehensive understanding of M&A’s human capital needs, combined with our ability to deliver exceptional advisors, guides the decision to invest or walk.

The world of private equity is increasingly competitive.  Firms are challenged to do more with limited resources. This is where Apex Leaders can help.

Apex Leaders is a private equity-centric human capital firm focused on building on-demand advisory teams of former CEOs and industry leaders on a deal-by-deal basis.

The firm successfully executes over 350 engagements annually across a wide range of industries, exercising our creativity and tenacity every step of the way. We believe thoughtful human relationships are a prerequisite for out-performance and seek to partner with firms who share this belief.

Founded in 2009 and based in beautiful Boise, Idaho, Apex Leaders has built a culture based on the dual premise of always putting our clients first and taking good care of our employees.

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  • Partnership Philosophy

    At Apex Leaders, our partnerships are characterized by open communication, careful listening and honest interactions. They are immersed in trust, a confident expectation to always elevate the relationship and honor commitments, whether large or small.

    In understanding one another’s expectations and goals, we make each other stronger.

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  • Market Due Diligence

    Due Diligence

    The right advisor can fundamentally change how you view an investment. We identify experts who provide confidence to your key investment considerations. By operating at the intersection of pinpoint research and fast execution, we rapidly identify, vet, prepare, and introduce you to both subject-matter experts and to industry leaders. We help you win the right deals by building the right relationships faster.

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  • Board of Director Searches

    Board of Director Searches

    Experienced outside directors on your portfolio company boards can: 

    • enrich market analyses
    • provide strong operational expertise
    • accelerate value creation

    We identify uniquely tailored experts who will compliment the strategic direction of the business and augment the collective expertise of the portfolio company management team.

    We use our proprietary search methods and extensive referral network to identify and vet the most relevant skill sets. 

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