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Navigating through potential platform and add-on transactions is tough.

Not only that, firms are getting lost in the noise from a barrage of so-called experts that simply don’t meet expectations. Losing time while your competitors pursue the right deals is costly.

At Apex Leaders, we accelerate the decision to invest or walk by quickly killing the pursuit of poor deals, developing an edge on the right investments, and driving faster growth among your portfolio companies. We cut through the noise from expert networks and deliver advisors just for you, that your competitors aren’t already talking to.

Apex Insights

The role of expert networks amid increasing diligence complexity

When evaluating an investment, private equity firms have long relied on expert networks to connect them with professionals with the deep industry knowledge and insights needed to make an informed decision.

Our Customized Process

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Step 1: Discover

The Apex Leaders team works as your guide. Because no two deals are alike, we take a consultative partner approach and ask the right questions to uncover your goals and requirements.

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Step 2: Research

Based on information from discovery, our team does a fresh cut of research, custom recruits, and vets via phone interview the best executives and industry leaders to advise on your decision.

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Step 3: Build your network

You have the highly vetted industry experts and operators to add to your network - giving you the informational advantage needed to close more deals.

How to get started.

Step 1: Schedule a Meeting with Me

In our 30-minute call, I will listen to understand your top needs and priorities.

Step 2: Develop a Plan

After our call, I will collaborate with my team to develop a customized plan and timeline aligned to your goals and priorities.

Step 3: Try Us Out

Experience first-hand the advantages you gain by running with us on projects over 30-60 days.

It starts with 30-minutes of your time.  Our call will get you on course to investing with conviction and gain you a Callaway Laser Rangefinder.

Use the link below to put time on my calendar. I look forward to talking with you soon. 

 – Rich Carter