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Apex Leaders: Beyond an Expert Network

Custom-recruited industry experts

Apex Leaders goes beyond traditional expert networks to match your firm with precise-fit industry advisors. Through a customized approach, Apex Leaders researches, vets and connects your firm with the most relevant, skilled advisors so you can quickly and confidently navigate your investment opportunities.


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Precise-fit Partnerships

We take a consultative approach and start every project with a comprehensive intake meeting. By asking the right questions and actively listening, we gain a thorough understanding of your firm and map your goals, investment strategy, and expertise needs. With that knowledge in hand, we conduct project-specific research, custom recruit executives, and thoroughly vet them via a phone call before connecting them with you – ensuring you have the industry expert that meets your exact needs.

Swift Decisions, Smart Direction

By matching firms with specialized experts, we enable investors to make the smartest business decisions, faster. By conducting thorough research and building partnerships with the right advisors from the start, we save you time, both in the valuation of experts and in the investment life cycle. Engagement from the Apex Leaders team doesn’t end after advisor introduction. Our team will follow up to understand if you have gained the insights needed to invest in a deal or walk away with confidence or if a pivot must be made based on findings from your advisor calls. If different expertise is now needed, our team will iterate to provide the exact-match advisors to navigate the new angle. 

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Own Your Network

We match investors with subject matter experts, executives, and operating partners who can answer your industry questions and come alongside your firm to help navigate the entire investment journey – thematic efforts, due diligence, and portfolio value creation. We’re different from most expert network consultants because we connect firms with their perfect-fit advisor and then provide ungated access, allowing you to own and grow your partnership. Other expert network companies charge you per-call and to take an expert out of their network, while Apex Leaders gives you unlimited access to your advisors so you can leverage your network to steer your firm based on your unique needs.

Custom Expert Network Services

Apex Leaders specializes in project-specific research that enables investors to make smarter business decisions. Our bespoke research includes:

  • Clipboard Sector Thesis Search
  • Looking Glass Due Diligence Search
  • People in Looking Glass Board of Directors Placement
  • Wallet Portfolio Advancement Search
  • And More

Find your Perfect-fit Partnership

Are you ready to go beyond a traditional expert network firm and find a custom-recruited advisor that meets your firm’s exact requirements? Contact the Apex Leaders team by filling out the form.