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The role of expert networks amid increasing diligence complexity

Unlocking key insights and identifying post-close executive

Industry mapping and recruiting a long-term advisor

Win the Right Deal with the Right People

Picks and Shovels: The Golden Age for Service Providers to PE Firms is Now

Webinar RECAP: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Board Member Searches

Don’t Kiss the Blarney Stone

Bad Board Member Searches and How to Avoid Them

When Is a Board Member Search NOT a Board Member Search?

“45-Second Checklist” for Building Your Board

Valentine’s Day Lessons for Building Your Board

How Private Equity Advisors Help Accelerate Decision Making

Information vs. Knowledge: How to Get Answers Sooner

The Right Time to Hire a Human Capital Firm

Do’s and don’ts of working with a primary research firm

Age of add-ons: 4 value-creation strategies for PE portfolio managers

When PE portfolio managers need anonymity and answers

Are you leveraging industry advisors to accelerate post-transaction value?

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Invest or Walk

Adopt a sector thesis approach to thrive in technology dealmaking

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