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Portfolio Advancement

Private equity portfolio companies do not always have the necessary in-house resources to define the right strategic initiatives. Our Portfolio Advancement service gives your companies' CEOs and senior management teams access to both industry leaders and functional subject matter experts which helps refine strategy and guide initiatives. Examples include:

  • Exploration of new market entry
  • Product development considerations
  • Customer insights
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Regulatory concerns
  • Exit preparation

Serving as thought partners, expert advisors will assist your management team as it looks to solve problems and seize opportunities, with the goal to increase the return on your investment. 

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case studies:

  • Value Added Refrigerated Fresh Products

    Upon purchasing a regional refrigerated foods company, our client turned to us to help them build the advisory team they needed to expand.  After a few rough years due to changes in regulation, high fuel prices, and industry forces outside their control, the company was eager to make a turn around and build a national brand. To be successful, they needed Board members who were experienced operators and brand champions. 

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  • Drilling Deep to Find the Right Expertise

    A private equity group was evaluating the purchase of an industrial-cleaning company with Fortune 100 customers in the oil, paper, utility, and steel industries. To get comfortable with their investment, our client needed to connect with people who understood:

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  • Retail Apparel Tagging

    The world of fashion has changed. Gone are the days of seasonal clothing lines. Instead, clothing manufactures are continuing to push their designers and their manufacturers to turn out new lines in a matter of weeks. Our client was interested in an apparel tagging company that has the capabilities to keep up with the new speed of fashion.  Before moving forward, our client needed to better understand the adoption of fast fashion, the role of customer service and how the larger competitors felt about jumping into this niche space. 

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