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We execute at the intersection of speed and smarts. Apex Leaders treats every client engagement as unique. While our services vary by initiative, our process always includes:

Understanding Our Client’s Goals - Every client initiative starts with a detailed intake conversation to define our client’s objectives, understand their familiarity with the industry in question and gain access to readily available background documentation. The better the context we posses embarking on a new engagement, the more suitable the advisors we’ll be able to identify for our clients.

Primary Research - Designed in partnership with our clients during an intake phone conversation, we use our proprietary research processes to create a tailored, multifaceted approach that prioritizes recruitment of the most relevant advisors. Our research includes close evaluation of experiences and perspectives for desired participants in the value chain for the requisite industry. 

Custom and Confidential Recruiting - We recruit new advisors for every client engagement. Outreach is conducted thoughtfully, confidentially and directly. Client names are never shared with advisors during the outreach process, unless specifically requested.

Vetting - All advisors are thoroughly vetted prior to sharing with clients. Our vetting enables Apex Leaders to provide context about where advisors will be most helpful and to flag areas where they will not. This ensures that only the most highly qualified advisors are introduced for every engagement. 

Compliance - We foster relationships between industry leaders and our clients in full compliance with industry regulations. Our compliance structure targets how stakeholders of our business—including our clients, advisors, and colleagues — operate and interact with one another. We use the utmost discretion to ensure the confidential information and obligations of all parties. 

We Build Your Network, Not Ours - We want our clients to develop exclusive relationships with the advisors we recruit. These relationships are yours to cultivate and grow into friends of the firm. 

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  • CEO-Led Investments

    CEO-Led Investments

    A committed partnership between your firm and a respected industry leader delivers both credibility and visibility in the market for your sourcing initiatives. We help private equity firms proactively source investments by identifying "backable CEOs" and "EIRs" whom you can build an industry-specific origination strategy around. Collaborating with these individuals helps in identifying, acquiring, and building standout investments while also establishing a preferential edge with sellers in competitive situations.

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  • Company Overview

    The world of private equity is increasingly competitive.  Firms are challenged to do more with limited resources. This is where Apex Leaders can help.

    Apex Leaders is a private equity-centric human capital firm focused on building on-demand advisory teams of former CEOs and industry leaders on a deal-by-deal basis.

    The firm successfully executes over 350 engagements annually across a wide range of industries, exercising our creativity and tenacity every step of the way. We believe thoughtful human relationships are a prerequisite for out-performance and seek to partner with firms who share this belief.

    Founded in 2009 and based in beautiful Boise, Idaho, Apex Leaders has built a culture based on the dual premise of always putting our clients first and taking good care of our employees.

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  • Deal-Dependent CEOs

    Deal-Dependent CEOs

    Investments often hinge on finding the right CEO for the specific opportunity that you are interested in. Through our Deal Dependent CEO service, we find qualified candidates who can attend management team meetings, visit company facilities, refine investment theses, and serve as CEOs or as non-executive chairman post-close. To accomplish this, we work with you to first create an ideal candidate profile, and then incessantly pursue individuals who meet your precise needs and who are at the forefront of their industries. These individuals create differentiation in the eyes of sellers and inspire confidence throughout the transaction.

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