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Learning from industry leaders who have mastered the nuances of their respective industries offers a more thoughtful means of execution for private equity investors.  


You’ve worked hard to develop your expertise over the course of your career and Apex Leaders can help you build relationships with investors suited to your interests and availability. We cultivate strong partnerships with CEOs and current industry leaders for due diligence, sector thesis, portfolio advancement, board of directorships and other unique scenarios.

We seek out the best and brightest in their fields, vetting them thoroughly with our proprietary processes to understand their expertise and ensure a perfect fit for the engagement. Most interactions begin with a phone conversation and depending on the interests of both parties, may then evolve into longer term consulting arrangements.

Relationships are crucial for out-performance in today’s market. If you are an accomplished CEO, President, General Manager, or other C-level executive, you may be able to add value to our clients’ efforts. Opportunities include serving as a proactive advisor on investment theses, becoming a backable CEO, assisting with live transactions, or leading a portfolio company. We invite you to contact us to see if we have opportunities that meet your background. 

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  • Company Overview

    The world of private equity is increasingly competitive.  Firms are challenged to do more with limited resources. This is where Apex Leaders can help.

    Apex Leaders is a private equity-centric human capital firm focused on building on-demand advisory teams of former CEOs and industry leaders on a deal-by-deal basis.

    The firm successfully executes over 350 engagements annually across a wide range of industries, exercising our creativity and tenacity every step of the way. We believe thoughtful human relationships are a prerequisite for out-performance and seek to partner with firms who share this belief.

    Founded in 2009 and based in beautiful Boise, Idaho, Apex Leaders has built a culture based on the dual premise of always putting our clients first and taking good care of our employees.

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  • Services

    We engineer access to experience, insights, and relationships that go far beyond a single firm’s network.

    We work with private equity investors to improve the internal rate of returns of their investments. We provide access to the exact right industry giants at pivotal junctures in the acquisition and ongoing management of their portfolio companies.

    While investors can learn from their mistakes, miscalculations often prove expensive, stressful, and inefficient. They also often require significant allocation of time and resources.

    We believe in learning from the experiences of proven leaders who have spent their entire careers honing their expertise. 

    Our services include:

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  • FAQ Advisors

    What is Apex Leaders?

    Apex Leaders works exclusively with private equity investors to better understand companies, industries, and investment theses. We help our clients make better investment decisions through relationships with industry leaders. 

    What is private equity?

    Private equity funds are raised by General Partners (GPs) from institutional investors such as endowments and pension funds and may include high-net-worth individuals, together known as Limited Partners. GPs employ a variety of strategies to drive growth and improve the value of these companies with the commitment to liquidate all investments and return the proceeds to the investors by the end of the fund’s life (usually 10-12 years).  

    Who are our clients?

    We work with Private Equity investors across a range of industries, with fund sizes above $300 million, and with investment interests in North America, Europe and Asia. 

    Why are you reaching out to me?

    Our clients assess a wide variety of investment opportunities across disparate industries. The ability to speak with industry leaders and operators like you from specific niches can help them make smarter decisions more quickly. We’ve reached out to you to better understand your background, share details of a specific opportunity and ensure a proper fit for everyone. 

    How are advisors identified?

    Apex Leaders identifies potential advisors through a variety of primary research channels, including: referrals, articles, industry associations and more. Advisors are selected based on current and past experiences most relevant to our clients’ needs. 

    How long will I work with your client?

    Most relationships begin with a one-hour conference call with the advisor and a partner from the private equity firm. Depending on the needs of the engagement, the relationship may take the form of an extended consulting arrangement, an ongoing board of directorship role or a leadership position at a portfolio company.

    Can I sign-up online?

    Apex Leaders prides itself in vetting each advisor specific to the needs of its clients’ engagements. Therefore, we typically have a brief conversation by phone with advisors to ensure the best fit before we make an introduction to our client. If you are interested in becoming an Apex Advisor, please contact us

    How are advisors compensated?

    Generally, advisors are compensated directly by Apex Leaders.

    Is this an exclusive relationship?

    Unless specifically requested otherwise, our advisor relationships are not exclusive.

    What is the difference between Apex Leaders and Expert Networks?

    The goal of Apex Leaders is to grow our clients’ networks, not to grow our own. After initiating the relationship between an advisor and our clients, we step out of the middle. Advisors do not pay to be affiliated with Apex Leaders.

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