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Brand Marketing Workflow Software


Our private equity client was in the IOI phase of an investment in a rapidly growing software company providing marketing workflow collaboration to high-end brands. The software allows multiple stakeholders in the advertising creation process (models/celebrity spokespeople, the advertiser, photographers/directors and ad-agency representatives) to provide real-time feedback on various artistic considerations. Key concerns for our client centered on understanding:

  • How is the creative process managed today?
  • How truly differentiated is the technology in the industry?
  • What is the mindset of much larger and well-established Digital Asset Management (DAM) providers on their potential entry into this segment of the industry?

Target Profile

  • Leaders in the DAM industry
  • Industry professionals high-end advertising agencies and television studios
  • Representatives from other potentially competitive industry participants

The Search

We immediately engaged with several industry leaders and worked with them to gauge their relevant experience, their interest in the engagement, and the cultural fit.

The Results

Representative Advisors included:

  • CEO, North Plains
  • Vice President, A&E Television Networks
  • Director, Print Production, John Walter Thompson
  • CEO and CIO, Mediabeacon
  • Principal DAM Analyst, The Real Story Group
  • Associate Creative Director, William Morris
  • Vice President, Discovery Networks
  • CEO, WAVE Corporation

Last Word

Client engaged a number of relevant advisors identified by Apex Leaders on each angle and ultimately decided to forego the investment opportunity.

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